About Eagles 4074

Aerie #4074

The Fraternal Order of Eagles is an international non-profit organization uniting fraternally in the spirit of liberty, peace, prosperity, gladness, and hope.

Founded in February 1898 by six of Seattle’s most prominent theater owners, who had gathered to discuss a musicians’ strike. Once that issue was resolved, the men continued talking, and the Order of Good Things was born. As their ranks increased, the bald eagle was chosen as the group’s official emblem, and the name was changed to the Fraternal Order of Eagles. Most early members were actors, stagehands, and playwrights, and touring theater groups are credited with spreading the Eagles’ story throughout the United States and Canada. The Ladies’ Auxiliary was formed in 1927.

Aerie #4074 was organized and instituted under the authority of the Fraternal Order of Eagles, Grand Aerie on January 8, 1984 with 84 charter members. The organization hosts a number of community events throughout the year in addition to their fundraising activities.

The Fraternal Order of Eagles donates more than $10 million each year. At the local level, Eagle members raise money to support their communities. At the state level, members raise money for a charity chosen each year by the State Worthy and Madam President. At the national level, the Grand Presidents choose special projects to raise money for, in addition to supporting a variety of other charities.

Meet Our Board

Kent L. George

Worthy President

Russell Reeves

Worthy Vice President

Robert J. Anderson

Worthy Chaplain

Bobbie Jo Conkling

Worthy Secretary

Gary Lee Klodt


Gregory G. Choplin

Worthy Conductor

Harry Roberts


Craig A. Johns


James White

Trustee Chairman & Aerie Web Master

Justin Quint


Craig Haan



  • Kendall Siems – Membership
  • James White – Aerie Bulletin Editor
  • Bob Anderson – Trial Committee Chair
  • Craig Haan – Trial Committee Member
  • Russell Reeves -Trial Committee Member
  • Gregory G. Choplin – Trial Committee Member
  • James White – Aerie Web Master
  • James White – Government Relations
  • Gary Klodt – Finance Committee
  • Jeff Koch – Finance Committee
  • Russell Reeves – Finance Committee
  • Gary Fritz – Trial Committee Member